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Responding to Joe responding to Phil

March 30, 2012


This will be my very last comment on London politics I will ever make on this site and that is a promise that’ll be easy to keep. London’s Mayor Joe Fontana responded in a blog post to another blog post by London based journo Phil McLeod. In his post, the mayor defends his sorry record […]

Online spying bill is not about fighting crime

February 18, 2012


The Government of Harper has introduced a bill known derisively as the Big Brother Law, or the Online Spying Law, and wants Canadians to believe that the law is aimed at child pornographers and cyber-criminals and not law-abiding Canadians engaged in ordinary surfing, playing, and communicating on the Internet. Don’t believe them. Organized criminals and […]

Veteran photographer ready to take a hike | Great Falls Tribune |

December 20, 2011


Veteran photographer M.A. “Mick” McMillan is retiring from his downtown studio portrait work in late December, but he is not shedding his camera and lenses just yet. via Veteran photographer ready to take a hike | Great Falls Tribune |

Why occupy is dangerous

December 5, 2011


Journalist, author, and activist, Naomi Wolf, recently penned an article for the Guardian where she argued the “shocking truth” behind the brutal crackdown against peaceful protest by the occupy movement is because the movement demands that we “draft laws against the little-known loophole that currently allows members of Congress to pass legislation affecting Delaware-based corporations […]

National Geographic Photo of the Day

October 13, 2011


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Sub not coming to Port Burwell

August 23, 2011


Even if they were to get final approval to convert the Cold War-era sub into a lakefront tourist attraction today, local officials say they have decided to defer dredging of the harbour mouth until next year. via Sub not coming to Port Burwell | London | News | London Free Press.

Why London …

August 10, 2011


I watched a neighbour, once, trying to start his broken-down pick-up truck. He sat in the driver’s seat and turned the key. Rrrr-Rrrrr-Rrrr it went, ending with a thunk. He sat there, waited a minute or two, and then turned that key again: Rrrr-Rrrr-Rrrr, thunk. And again, and again, and again until he finally gave […]